April 15, 2016


I am still growing African violets ... and selling!
I became interested in breeding canaries, and that took some of my attention away from the violets!
But my shelves are filling up with violets again!
Most of my business last year was locally....but this fall will see me back on Ebay!
I will post here when I list violets!
Here is a link to my Ebay feedback as a seller of African violets:

January 2, 2015

The violets are doing great!

Shinoda Sunset

Variety List 'In Production' for 2015.

Approximate Variety List 'In Production' for 2015
(Not all will available at all times.  There may be a few who fail to bloom true to type, and I may have only one or two of certain leaves.)

Allegro Appalachian Trail (J. Stromborg) Single lavender pansy/red-violet eye, purple fantasy. Light green, pointed, quilted, serrated. Standard trailer

Amethyst (12) 11/26/1957 (Armacost & Royston) Single red-orchid. Heart-shaped, quilted, glossy. Standard

Belye Nochi (9496) 12/05/2005 (E. Arkhipov) Single-semidouble smoky blue large star/white fantasy. Dark green, ruffled, pointed. Standard (Russ/Ukr)

Berry Happy (B. Johnson) Single-semidouble raspberry and white/darker eye, veins, white edge. Medium green. Standard

Big Bang (K. Stork) Semidouble-double violet-blue pansy/pink-white fantasy. Dark green, plain. Large

Blue Heaven (51) 02/06/1950 (Howland) Single dark blue. Ruffled. Large

Blue Mink (8230) 07/28/1995 (S. Sorano) Single dark blue-lavender sticktite star/lavender edge. Medium green, plain, pointed. Standard

Breaking News (K. Stork) Single-semidouble lavender pansy/purple tips. Variegated. Standard (User Database)

Butterfly Wings (K. Stork) Semidouble white blossoms edged in fuschia. Medium green foliage. Standard (User Database)

Cajun's Blue Buttercup (User Database)

Cajun's Cherished Hope (10576) 01/11/2013 (B. Thibodeaux) Single-semidouble pink star/variable raspberry fantasy. Variegated dark green, cream and pink, pointed/red back. Standard

Candy Swirls (7673) 02/28/1992 (G. Cox/B. Johnson) Semidouble white and pink large pansy/pink eye, edge. Medium green, quilted, scalloped. Small standard

Catherine Hunt (4658) 12/05/1981 (AVS of Staten Island/Max Maas) Single light blue. Plain, quilted. Large

Classic Rock (8232) 07/28/1995 (S. Sorano) Single pale lavender sticktite pansy/purple eye. Variegated green and white, plain, ovate. Semiminiature

Deep Sky (9658) 06/08/2006 (N. Robitaille/D. Croteau) Single dark blue pansy/dark pink and white fantasy. Dark green, plain. Large

Diamond Girl (8511) 11/09/1996 (S. Sorano) Single white sticktite star/pink-blushed eye, light rose sparkle marking, rose-pink edge. Medium green, ovate, quilted. Standard

Dolores' Dazzler (10076) 07/30/2009 (D. Harrington) Single-semidouble red two-tone frilled pansy/white edge. Medium green, heart-shaped, quilted, pebbled, hairy, serrated/red back. Semiminiature

Dolores' Jack Frost (10077) 07/30/2009 (D. Harrington) Semidouble-double purple pansy/lavender edge. Medium green, heart-shaped, quilted, pebbled, serrated/red back. Semiminiature

Ethel's Reflection (Champion) Single pansy blossoms with a rose thumbprint when grown cool. Crown varigation. Standard (User Database)

Fantaisie Florale (7037) 01/09/1989 (D. Croteau) Semidouble-double medium pink star/medium blue fantasy. Medium green, quilted, serrated/red back. Standard

First Prize (10530) 04/09/2012 (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses) Single white sticktite pansy/blue edge. Medium green, glossy, girl foliage. Semiminiature

Fredette's Sweet Jenny (7306) 03/01/1990 (I. Fredette) Double white star/lavender-rose frilled edge. Dark green, plain. Standard

Frosted Denim (8513) 11/09/1996 (S. Sorano) Semidouble light blue pansy/white edge. Medium green, plain, quilted. Miniature

Frosty Bubbles (10403) 03/10/2011 (P. Sorano/Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses) Double coral-pink pansy. Crown variegated dark green, olive green and beige, plain. Semiminiature

Geisha Girl (B. Bryant) Semidouble light pink star/darker tips. Dark green, scalloped. Standard (TX Hyb)

Grandma's Love (9926) 03/22/2008 (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano) Double coral-pink star/blue fantasy. Dark green, plain, ovate/red back. Semiminiature

Grandmother's Halo (6062) 10/01/1985 (J. Domiano) Single white. Dark green, plain. Large (DAVS 845)

Granger's Blue Sparkler (3401) 05/01/1978 (Eyerdom) Double dark blue/white frilled edge. Quilted, ruffled. Large

Granger's Heart's Desire (3407) 05/01/1978 (Eyerdom) Double blue and white frilled. Quilted, ruffled. Large

Grape Glory (10531) 04/09/2012 (P. Sorano/Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses) Semidouble-double blue ruffled star/lavender fantasy, white edge. Medium green, plain, serrated. Standard

Halo's Aglitter (8243) 07/28/1995 (S. Sorano) Single pink sticktite star/red sparkle edge. Medium green, plain, pointed. Standard

Honey Blue Ace (9265) 08/14/2003 (H. Pittman) Semidouble dark blue pansy/white edge. Medium green, plain. Miniature (DAVS 1580, TX Hyb)

Hot Tamales (9679) 09/20/2006 (K. Stork/S. Holtzmann) Single-semidouble red pansy/pink-white edge. Dark green, plain/red back. Standard

Impostor (8774) 11/14/1998 (K. Stork) Semidouble-double plum-wine star/white edge. Variegated dark green, cream and pink, plain. Standard

Jolly Daybreak (10018) 12/06/2008 (H. Pittman) Semidouble creamy white and yellow. Light green, plain. Miniature (TX Hyb)

Jolly Splashy (10466) 11/21/2011 (H. Pittman) Single-semidouble white pansy/fuchsia markings. Medium green, plain. Semiminiature (DAVS 1736, TX Hyb)

Konfecta (B. Makuni) Double two-tone hot pink star/darker band/ruffled white-green edge. Medium green, plain, serrated. Standard (User Database)

Lavender Tempest (2709) 06/27/1975 (Eyerdom) Double lavender-pink frilled/red tips. Plain, pointed, quilted. Standard

Love in Bloom (S. Sorano) Semidouble pink ruffled/lighter pink to white edge. Variegated medium green and white, wavy. Standard

Lyon's Pirate's Treasure (8529) 11/09/1996 (S. Sorano) Single-semidouble pink pansy/wide red ruffled edge. Medium green, quilted. Standard

Lyon's Tranquility (S. Sorano) Semidouble-double light blue two-tone frilled pansy/near-white top petals. Dark green. Standard

Making Waves (10539) 04/09/2012 (P. Sorano/Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses) Single violet-red sticktite single frilled pansy/coral and pink fantasy. Dark green, quilted, serrated/red back. Large

Ma's Midnight Blue (Robinson) Standard (User Database)

Ma's Second Thoughts (9134) 05/31/2002 (O. Robinson) Semidouble dark pink pansy/white edge. Variegated medium green and white, quilted, serrated. Standard

Ma's Secret Child (Robinson) Standard (User Database)

Maverick's Faded Jeans (W. Smith) Semidouble light blue pansy/darker top petals, green frilled edge. Medium green, pointed, serrated. Standard (TX Hyb)

Mindi Morn (7713) 06/15/1992 (Stork/Boone) Semidouble-double bright pink wavy pansy. Variegated dark green and pink, plain/red back. Large

Ness' Candy Pink (8133) 01/19/1995 (D. Ness) Semidouble hot pink ruffled star. Variegated dark green, pink and cream, quilted, serrated/red back. Standard

Ness' Coral Bliss (D. Ness) Semidouble-double dark coral. Dark green, scalloped/red back. Standard

Ness' Crinkle Blue (8136) 01/19/1995 (D. Ness) Double dark blue star/variable thin white edge. Dark green, quilted, serrated/red back. Semiminiature

Ness' Fantasy Gold (D. Ness) Semidouble-double fuchsia-pink/yellow-orange marking. Dark green, wavy. Standard

Ness' Satin Rose (8144) 01/19/1995 (D. Ness) Double rose-mauve two-tone star. Dark green, quilted, scalloped/red back. Semiminiature

Old-fashioned Rose (9940) 03/22/2008 (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano) Double light pink pansy. Medium green, ovate. Semiminiature

Optimara Atlanta (6546) 05/25/1987 (Holtkamp) Single amaranth-rose. Dark green girl foliage. Small standard

Optimara Bora Bora (8941) 01/31/2001 (Holtkamp) Single burgundy sticktite/white frilled edge. Medium green, pointed, glossy, hairy, scalloped/red back. Standard

Optimara Cezanne (8943) 01/31/2001 (Holtkamp) Semidouble-double bright pink/purple fantasy. Light-medium green, plain, glossy, hairy, scalloped. Standard

Optimara Hiroshige (8315) 12/14/1995 (Holtkamp) Single white/light blue patches. Medium green, plain, heart-shaped, hairy, serrated. Standard

Optimara Maine II (8963) 01/31/2001 (Holtkamp) Single white frilled sticktite/purple-blue eye, wide purple edge. Medium green, plain, glossy, hairy. Standard

Optimara New Mexico (6583) 05/25/1987 (Holtkamp) Single violet two-tone frilled/darker eye. Dark green, plain, ovate, glossy/purple back. Standard

Optimara Trinidad (6602) 05/25/1987 (Holtkamp) Single violet-blue two-tone/dark eye. Medium green, plain/red back. Standard

Optimara Van Gogh (8338) 12/14/1995 (Holtkamp) Single white/dark lilac patches. Medium green, plain, hairy. Standard

Ozio (8920) 11/30/2000 (B. Foster) Double pink star/purple fantasy, fuchsia frilled edge. Dark green, quilted, serrated. Standard (TX Hyb)

Painted Silk Single dark blue. Absolutely exquisite, scalloped, green and gold variegated girl foliage. Semiminiature (User Database)

Perreault Amour (C. Perreault) Large (User Database)

Perreault Nocturne (C. Perreault) Standard (User Database)

Petite Blarney (10561) 08/06/2012 (H. Pittman) Double light pink/variable green-white edge. Medium green, girl foliage. Miniature (DAVS 1498, TX Hyb)

Pink Summit (9186) 02/03/2003 (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/Sorano) Single-semidouble pink pansy/white-green frilled edge. Medium green, plain. Standard

Playful Spectrum (P. Sorano) Single-semidouble white fluted star/blue fantasy, wide lavender-pink band. Medium green. Standard

Plum Delicious (9947) 03/22/2008 (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano) Semidouble plum frilled pansy. Medium green, plain, ovate, quilted, serrated. Semiminiature

Powwow (7708) 06/15/1992 (K. Stork) Semidouble red pansy. Variegated green and cream, plain. Standard

Rainbow's Quiet Riot (R. Wasmund) Semidouble blue-purple large star/white fantasy. Dark green, round, scalloped. Standard

Rebel's Minnesota Haze (9352) 06/07/2004 (R. Bann) Single medium blue large star/frilled white edge. Variegated dark green and cream, pointed/red back. Large

Rebel's Night Breezes (8693) 01/31/1998 (R. Bann) Single-semidouble dark blue large star/white ruffled edge. Medium green, spooned, quilted, glossy, serrated/red back. Standard

Rebel's Rhubarb Frost (9447) 06/27/2005 (R. Bann) Semidouble bright pink ruffled pansy/white-green edge. Variegated medium green and cream, spooned, glossy. Standard

Rebel's Sugar Pie (Bann) Large single, semi-double pink. Dark green foliage, edged with dusky pink. Standard (User Database)

Red Summit (S. Sorano) Double fuchsia fluted pansy/wide white edge. Dark green. Standard

Rhapsodie Clementine (8341) 12/14/1995 (Holtkamp) Single light blue ruffled star. Dark green, pointed, serrated/red back. Standard

Rhapsodie Cora (8983) 01/31/2001 (Holtkamp) Single-semidouble white frilled/dark purple patches. Medium-dark green, pointed, glossy, hairy, scalloped. Standard

Rhapsodie Patricia (8350) 12/14/1995 (Holtkamp) Single dark red-lilac frilled/darker eye. Medium green, plain, heart-shaped, hairy, serrated. Standard

Rob's Calypso Beat (8169) 06/05/1995 (R. Robinson) Semidouble bright pink sticktite pansy/blue fantasy. Medium-dark green, pointed/red back. Semiminiature

Rob's Fuddy Duddy (7886) 06/02/1993 (R. Robinson) Semidouble dark mauve-purple sticktite pansy. Dark green, quilted. Semiminiature

Rob's Mad Cat (7891) 06/02/1993 (R. Robinson) Double pink sticktite pansy/blue fantasy, dark red-purple ruffled edge. Dark green, serrated/red back. Semiminiature

Rob's Scooter (8180) 06/05/1995 (R. Robinson) Semidouble medium blue-purple sticktite pansy. Dark green, pointed/red back. Semiminiature

Rockin' Robin (10241) 01/27/2010 (P. Sorano/Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses) Single dark coral pansy/frilled white edge. Medium green, serrated. Standard

Rodeo Country (8006) 10/16/1993 (J. Munk) Semidouble-double medium blue. Dark green, serrated/red back. Large (DAVS 1383, TX Hyb)

Rose Buddies (Cox) Double white with rays of yellow radiating from the center. Dark green, serrated, glossy foliage. Standard (User Database)

S. ionantha subsp. grandifolia (S 5a) Single pale to deep blue-violet, 6-12 per peduncle. Leaves oval to elliptical, somewhat fleshy, medium green above, pale green beneath, edges shallowly to coarsely toothed, upper surface with short erect hairs. Standard rosette. Saintpaulia species

S. ionantha subsp. orbicularis (S 5f) Single near white with dark spot at base of upper petals to dark purple, 4-12 per peduncle, rarely 20. Leaves oval to nearly round, medium green and somewhat shiny above, pale green beneath, edges shallowly wavy, surface with short appressed hairs of variable length. Standard rosette, often with multiple crowns. Saintpaulia species

Saint Paul (8129) 12/26/1994 (D. Harrington) Single orchid sticktite pansy/wine top petals and shading, thin white ruffled edge. Medium-dark green, heart-shaped, quilted, serrated/red back. Standard

Sanctuary (K. Stork) Single-semidouble medium blue pansy/white edge. Dark green, plain. Standard

seedling #1 (Stout) yet to bloom (Sanctuary X Splendiferous) Standard (User Database)

seedling #2 (Stout) yet to bloom (Sanctuary X Splendiferous) Standard (User Database)

seedling #3 (Stout) yet to bloom (Sanctuary X Splendiferous) Standard (User Database)

Shinoda Sunset (Granger Gardens) Small standard (User Database)

Sky and Snow (9019) 03/14/2001 (D. Thompson) Single white sticktite star/blue-tinged eye, blue ruffled edge. Medium green, quilted, wavy, serrated. Standard

Sky Diver (S. Sorano) Semidouble light blue and white mottled ruffled pansy/variable yellow. Dark green/red back. Standard

Slow Dancin' (8279) 07/28/1995 (S. Sorano) Semidouble light lavender-blue pansy/white feathered edge. Dark green, plain/red back. Semiminiature

Spectacular Blue (S. Sorano) Double bright blue large star. Medium green. Large

Splendiferous (5813) 09/20/1984 (S. Whitaker) Single pale pink star/red eye, wide white frilled edge. Dark green, quilted. Large (TX Hyb)

Sport of Newtown Cincy Serenade White single pansy with pink eye and variable veining/frilled edge. Light green pointed, very slightly quilted, glossy. Standard (User Database)

Spring Rose (9959) 03/22/2008 (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano) Double white star/frilled green edge. Light green, wavy, serrated. Standard

Stargate (8558) 11/09/1996 (S. Sorano) Semidouble plum star/pink fantasy, lavender band, white edge. Dark green, plain/red back. Large

Steppin' Stone (S. Sorano) Single white sticktite frilled star/lavender-blue patches. Medium green, wavy. Standard

Storybook Princess (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses) Single-semidouble light pink pansy/darker mottling , dark pink and dark blue fantasy. Dark green, serrated/red back. Semiminiature

Striped Love (H. Pittman) Semidouble lavender/purple fantasy. Medium green, plain. Miniature (TX Hyb)

Sunset Kiss (10249) 01/27/2010 (P. Sorano/Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses) Single dark mauve-pink sticktite pansy/blue fantasy, dark raspberry band, thin white-light pink edge. Light green, plain, quilted. Standard

Sweet Lady Love (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses) Semidouble pink frilled pansy/thin white edge, variable green tips on top petals. Medium green, quilted. Standard

Thunder Surprise (9024) 03/23/2001 (S. Sanders) Double white star/blue eye, green edge. Medium green, plain. Semiminiature (TX Hyb)

Tiger Trail (6897) 07/13/1988 (P. Harris) Double bright fuchsia/pale pink back. Variegated, quilted, glossy. Standard trailer

Toy Castle (6760) 11/02/1987 (S. Sorano) Double lavender frilled bell. Variegated green, pink and cream, plain, glossy. Miniature

Tropical Heat Wave (8929) 01/08/2001 (K. Stork) Single-semidouble dark coral-rose large frilled star. Dark green, wavy. Standard

Ultra Violet Dusk (8363) 02/23/1996 (Green Circle/Blansit) Single dark lilac sticktite ruffled pansy. Medium green, pointed, girl foliage. Standard

Willodene (10010) 10/18/2008 (M. Lineberg/I. Lineberg) Double light peach-pink two-tone/darker ruffled edge, variable green tips. Variegated dark green, white and pink, wavy. Large

Winnergreen (4693) 12/21/1981 (H. Pittman) Double white, green, and lavender frilled. Light green, ruffled. Semiminiature (DAVS 763, TX Hyb)

Woodland Sprite (6206) 04/16/1986 (A. Jantzen/Unknown) Single light blue/darker center. Medium green, quilted, serrated. Large

Wrangler's Luv Texas (6227) 05/20/1986 (W. Smith) Double lavender/darker fantasy. Variegated medium green, cream, and pink, plain. Standard (DAVS 1128, TX Hyb)

Wrangler's Pink Bandit (6229) 05/20/1986 (W. Smith) Single bright pink. Variegated light green, white and pink, plain, glossy. Large (DAVS 856, TX Hyb)

Wrangler's Pink Patches (6230) 05/20/1986 (W. Smith) Double light pink pansy/darker center. Variegated dark green and dark pink, pointed. Large (DAVS 858, TX Hyb)

Yesterday's Child (8908) 11/24/2000 (Jeff Smith) Double dark blue pansy. Medium green, ovate, quilted. Standard trailer

Yesterday's Love (8713) 03/04/1998 (R. Russell) Semidouble-double medium pink frilled star/blue fantasy. Medium-dark green, pointed, serrated. Large

Youth (7843) 01/04/1993 (G. Durand) Double pink star/dark blue fantasy, white edge. Medium green, glossy, scalloped. Large